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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2020 / Sometimes one of the best lessons in life is growing up in humble beginnings because it gives you that burning desire to build something great. That is the very motivation that drove Blake Ryan Hawkins to build a successful real estate company in the Houston area, Freedom Hawk Real Estate. Since 2018, Blake and his team have worked with investors to create synergistic connections for joint ventures on single family homes, multifamily apartments, and commercial properties. Freedom Hawk specializes in doing the leg work behind the transactions including marketing, clearing title issues and working with buyers, all while providing 60% of the profits to clients. The core philosophy of Freedom Hawk Real Estate is to enable sellers, buyers and investors to profitable real estate transactions using a high level of trust and integrity in everything they do. Through their efforts, the team of four have closed 57 transactions so far this year.

Blake started his path in the real estate industry with the desire to build something that could last a lifetime and he could share with generations, including his 12 year old son. With his mentors' guidance, he bundled his raw ability for leadership and business to turn it into something productive. Blake's strength is building teams and providing motivation to achieve business goals. For Blake, fear is the lack of belief or knowledge of something he wants to accomplish, and success is being in alignment with what God wants from him. He enjoys the journey of life and his goal is to continue developing lasting partnerships and investment opportunities in the Houston and San Antonio areas.

Like many entrepreneurs, Blake faces the challenge of self-doubt, uncertainty and not knowing where everything will lead. However he realizes that it is critical to have a growth mindset when starting your own business. His advice for those contemplating a new venture is to "Make a decision from a place of dogged determination, combined with clear intention of where and who you want to become. This will lead to the natural evolution of the business/ brand growth." The natural evolution for Blake is breaking through his limitations to unleash his full potential and harnessing his energy, drive and determination to build a brand that lasts a lifetime. There is no time to let self-doubt stop the forward thinking and progress.

With his personal desire to succeed on a new level, Blake combined his experience in the fitness, automotive and real estate industries to create Freedom Hawk Real Estate. During these times, Blake and his team pivoted their business to accommodate social distancing by doing more virtual appointments with potential investors. However networking is key for nurturing connections so Blake capitalized on his extended network to develop the "Business Meets Real Estate'' event open to all investors and entrepreneurs the first Saturday of every month. These events provide practical tips for investing and connecting people with potential opportunities, while providing a chance to socialize with peers.

As the business continues to grow their portfolio, Blake is working on the next project - a new podcast "The Opportunity Zone" with tips on joint ventures. They consult with potential clients about the joint venture partnerships and develop a strategy for completing real estate transactions. To find out more about Blake's projects and the opportunity to get involved with real estate investments with Blake's team, click here.


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