“Why Cash Deals are the best for sellers”

When it comes to selling your home, there can be a lot of anxiety and uncertainty that comes with the process. Often times when you list a property with a Agent, you will attract buyers that are going to “nitpick” the property.

The reasons why this happens are many, but the biggest ones are that the buyers are getting a traditional loan through a bank, and they are working with a real estate agent where their job is to get best deal for buyer.

Lets start with the traditional loan, when a buyer and seller agree on price and terms finally, now it has to go through a “inspection/appraisal” period. This means the sell of the property is not only far from closed but subject to being killed all together or the price and terms being changed from the buyer’s side on a drastic level. This is highly frustrating for sellers, they think they got a good price on their property that needs work, but find out in 14-21 days they really got trapped in a negotiating tactic that the buyer and agent knew all along.

What happens at this point is the buyer will assume they have a lot of leverage due to the time commitment the seller has put in on the deal, they will come back with their “data” on the work that needs to be done and the inspection report claiming that the price must reflect these reports. Often what happens is the seller reluctantly agrees out of frustration and time invested already, the buyer walks out with a sweet deal and the process took 45-60 days to finally close. There is a better option for the seller, and that is cash deals. We like cash deals for many reasons, but the biggest is the CERTAINTY in the deal.

This provides the seller with true confidence and certainty that there house that needs work done and has potential serious pitfalls will be closed and money im their account in a 3-14 day timeline. This ease of transaction is a powerful place for a seller to be at. They get a deal that is real and transparent, they know that the price is not inflated of exaggerated. They know that the deal wont be renegotiated with hassle and harassment from the buyer and their reports. Cash deals provide the seller with freedom, the freedom to sell a property with peace of mind and fast closings to get them their money in a timely manner. This gives the seller ultimate power and control over their sales process.

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